Chapter Bylaws

To be posted soon

Officer Job Descriptions


  • acts as chairperson and presiding officer of the Board of Directors and at every meeting of the membership
  • reports to/communicates with the national Board through the Coordinator of State/Region/Chapter Leaders
  • attends the Leadership workshop at the national conference
  • updates the State/Regional Director's Handbook and hands it on to the next president
  • submits an annual report to the national Board
  • contributes to the national newsletter
  • facilitates communication among the Board members and membership


  • records proceedings of meetings of the association
  • edits the newsletter
  • advises, assists the president
  • acts as presiding officer in the absence of the president


  • receives and records receipts
  • makes financial reports
  • writes and signs checks
  • conducts membership drive
  • collates and distributes membership directory

Past President

  • mentors the president