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UPDATE (11/10/11): Legislative resources available through the California Federation of Teachers

Below is the information I was asked to post at the CACRLA chapter meeting.

California Federation of Teachers

Legislative Representatives

Link to CFT Legislative Action Packet:

THIS IS A VERY INFORMATIVE DOCUMENT. It outlines legislative action taken in the previous legislative session (including bills still on the governor’s desk), legislative action currently making its way through the State Senate and Assembly and CFT’s stance on the legislation (Sponsor, Support, Watch or Oppose) CFT puts financial resources behind bills it sponsors or supports and also against bills it opposes. The Watch designation usually means they are seeking more information about the bill and its ramifications for education and/or labor. The actions CFT will take on bills currently in the legislature were adopted at the CFT state council meeting on 9/24/11. Includes definitions of political terminology used.

Link to California Labor Federation Legislative Scorecard for the last legislative session.

CFT Committees develop resolutions to be voted on by the membership at their annual meeting. If the resolutions are passed, CFT devotes resources to supporting it. In the case of legislative issues, CFT seeks legislators to sponsor bills to implement the resolutions. Committees that may be pertinent to CRLA include:

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